"Vibrant Interpretation by Elissa Cassini"
Estado de S. Paolo
Solo Violin


Elissa frequently collaborates with living Composers across a wide spectrum of contemporary styles. Thus far she has collaborated directly with and performed the Solo Violin works of the following composers:

Pierre BoulezAnthèmes I and II
Jérôme Combier – Anima foglia
Arthur Kampela - Gestures
Kaija Saariaho – Nocturne


Violin and Electronics Project:


Six Brazilian composers are currently writing Solo Violin and Electronics pieces exclusively for Elissa to be presented in performance and as part of an extended project lead by Flo Menezes at Studio PANorama in Sao Paulo. New pieces will be written by:


Tiago Gati - Martin Herraiz

Sergio Kafejian - Alexandre Lunsqui

Flo Menezes - Marcus Siqueira