"Vibrant Interpretation by Elissa Cassini"
Estado de S. Paolo
The Duplexity Project


Duplexity Concerts is a series of two-person virtuoso musical ensembles aiming to re-invent the classical recital format. Through innovative thematic programming and a roster of highly accomplished soloists and versatile chamber musicians, Duplexity presents concerts of unsurpassed creativity and quality with a commitment to thought-provoking, positive audience engagement. Duplexity’s forays into dance, drama, new media arts and the healing arts, foster ongoing dialogue between art forms and their process, artists and their audiences.


Duplexity responds to the need for re-instating an understanding of the language of classical music and its unique power to elevate and transform. While classical music is often perceived as an esoteric or impenetrable art, Duplexity’s programs lend a helping hand to initiate its audience to an enriched state of understanding and experience of inclusion. We believe our audience is deeply moved intellectually, emotionally and spiritually by each and every concert.


With the musical duo as an example for dialogue, active listening and collaboration, Duplexity is currently establishing a trans-atlantic platform between the U.S and Europe. Its non-profit associative status in both New York City and in Paris, France, is active in fostering this mission. In a music industry where large organizations get most of the visibility, Duplexity seeks to create an international platform and encourage links for smaller independent chamber projects, offering to recognize, support and feature intimate music-making at a global level.